digital video


A series of short portraits of buildings/structures that are significant for the network infrastructure. While the insides and the flow of data is hardly accessible physically, the hull remains the only visible representation. Using motion capture techniques the structures are moved, resulting in hypothetical distortion of the data flows and all the transformations that come with it. The viewer is invited to reflect on critical digital infrastructure and the architecture that is housing their personal interactions.


The gestures on tv aligned to rush through the same positions over and over again, syncing to a short moment of movemental agreement, delivering the sound of the altered airwaves.

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At the exchange point a knot was untied, revealing pathways that had previously been blocked. With the increased data flow, the intentions behind the transferred strings would be guessed. A prince asking for a cash transfer via email just got his perfect love seeking match. The submission of the personal experiences of a grandmother and her apple tree got accepted on the wiki. Overall, the same imbalance still reigned.

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By entering the cell sites, the pilgrimage commenced. Through logging in and out, all the other pilgrims had to unknowingly adjust their radius to keep being connected. Increased cell breathing led to exhaustion of a phones battery, resulting in an interrupted call. While the pilgrims lungs expanded excessively, the interference vanished and the signal flattened.

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